The Company and the work

Calcrom is a software development company, founded in Iași in 2005 by CalCon, based in Munich and is, since 2020, member of the Aareon Group, the leading provider of systems and consulting services for the European property industry.

The long array of customers that benefit from our products and expertise, includes real estate companies, public institutions, investors and tradesmen. For all, the epiqr® method is the solution for any strategic portfolio management.

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At CalCrom we transform the way companies in the real estate business leverage information technologies.

Our projects consist of a wide range of desktop applications, enterprise cloud solutions and applications for mobile platforms that help our clients to manage various real estate tasks.

Regardless of the targeted aspect, residential housing, industry, public sector, investment, property management, we have the right tool. We have been active in Iaşi for more than 10 years and we are growing our operations to keep up with the increasing demand from our clients.

Together with our colleagues in Munich, we develop efficient solutions for high quality real estate management instruments. Our applications provide the means to obtain reliable information with less effort, so that you can devise sustainable strategies for the development of your real estate portfolio on a solid basis.

We will continue to innovate and to devise new ways of performing management in the real estate domain by using cutting edge technology to our advantage.


CalCon was founded in 1999 as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics. Since then, the company has grown continuously and consists of multiple specialized companies today.

By now, epiqr® has become the industry standard: more than 180 million m2 of gross floor area and more than 1.2 million residential units have been registered.

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Technology that makes epiqr® tick … fast and accurate

Our flagship application, epiqr®, is based on an original model that takes into account only those elements of a building that contribute mostly to the final cost of refurbishment. The building is broken down into elements and element types which are then evaluated from a degradation point of view. This allows an accurate assessment of the costs. The upper levels of the software use this information pool to aggregate meaningful knowledge: renovation expenses, lifespan prediction, budgets, sustainability criteria, etc.

By using this technology, epiqr® considerably reduces the amount of time for data acquisition and for getting results useful in various real estate management activities. Our statistics show that this time is reduced to 20% while retaining over 80% precision level in the obtained result.

Software development
using cutting edge technologies

Our application development is based mainly on the latest Microsoft technologies using the .NET platform.

The .NET Framework and the Visual Studio environment provide a comprehensive and consistent platform for building modern applications on a wide variety of devices. By using this technology we benefit from the whole range of capabilities that .NET currently offers: powerful programming languages, fast development cycles, security, scalability, etc.

C# is a simple, powerful and object-oriented programming language that delivers all the features required by a fast developing and competitive software world. It’s parallelization capabilities together with the improved framework offer unmatched abilities to harness the power of multiple core processors, task schedulers and the use of parallel execution threads.

As an object-oriented language, C# supports the concepts of encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. C# programs run on the .NET Framework, an integral component of Windows that includes a virtual execution system called the common language runtime (CLR) and a unified set of class libraries.

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is a key technology for building service oriented applications used in large enterprise environments.
It allows server applications and client counterparts to communicate in a reliable and standard way. By using WCF, epiqr® becomes a full-fledged framework which can be used as a service gateway for various client cross-platform applications. Setting a standard in many aspects of the real-estate activities, epiqr® promotes openness to custom built software solutions that can enhance the epiqr® experience.

Through WCF we are configuring and deploying network-distributed applications. Interoperability with a wide range of platforms is the fundamental characteristic of WCF and provides a common platform for all communications in the .NET platform.

Cloud Computing. CalCrom is committed to using the newest cloud technologies for its main product epiqr® taking it to a new level of scalability. Our major customers have driven over the time the requirements in terms of scalability and performance to higher levels. Cloud computing, or in simpler shorthand just “the cloud”, also focuses on maximizing the effectiveness of the shared resources. Cloud resources are usually not only shared by multiple users but are also dynamically reallocated per demand. Cloud computing allows companies to avoid upfront infrastructure costs, and focus on projects that differentiate their businesses instead of on infrastructure. epiqr® can offer both SaaS (Software as a Service) and BaaS (Backend as a Service) configurations providing flexibility to a wide range of customers and applications.

Effective management
of your portfolio with epiqr®

Our company offers tailored solutions in different areas of the real-estate business. Using funds efficiently and driving the development process in a sustainable way are key issues in management activities.

epiqr® is a comprehensive software tool that enables to assess buildings in a fast and accurate way in order to implement your strategic maintenance plan. This helps optimize your maintenance budget having valid calculated costs as a base.

Below some of the most iconic features of epiqr® are presented.

The overall assessment of the building is based on the assessment of individual building elements. epiqr® supports this process by providing pictures and descriptive text for each degradation category. The original mathematical model behind will automatically compute the associated costs.

epiqr® offers a wide range of querying possibilities. As soon as the data acquisition phase is completed, you can create numerous evaluations that will extract and present the data in a meaningful way. This feature provides a standardized approach for extracting information about your buildings that you can also use in comparative analysis..

A correct distribution of your budget is accomplished by creating maintenance scenarios for short, medium and long term as well as customized scenarios. This allows a in-depth analysis of the available options and helps the analyst to design an optimized budget.

With epiqr® creating a building information sheet is as simple as a few clicks. You get the standard information about the building, main geometrical characteristics, scenario overview and you can also attach your own documents.

In portfolio mode, the software offers an embedded online map (Google Maps) which takes your evaluations and portfolio presentations to the next level. You can view your building locations and building information directly on the online map which makes evaluations on the portfolio level as intuitive as it gets. The evaluation is performed on multiple levels allowing you to focus on a neighborhood, on the whole city, on the region or even on the entire country. Of course you can export views of these maps and include them in your own reports and presentations.

All data that was input during the acquisition phase or computed parameters can be presented in numerous reports. Building information, degradation levels, scenarios, evaluation output and many more can be captured in various reports throughout the applications. You can generate reports for each building individually or you can cover automatically entire portfolios. This makes reporting and effortless job. The output format is selected according to the nature of you data: MS-Excel, MS-Word, PDF.

Powerful features
enhancement through add-ons

The optional add-ons give epiqr® the power and the coverage of a true professional grade management application. The integrated planning in areas ranging from budgets to energy certificate creation are available through easy configurable and maintainable modules. The results they deliver are available through a unified flow to the evaluation and reporting modules. The add-ons available in the latest version are:

  • epiqr® Apartment Assessment
  • epiqr® Portfolio Manager
  • epiqr® Budget Planner
  • epiqr® Input App

epiqr® Apartment Assessment

This module deals with the assessment of various criteria in apartments: structural conditions, state of various components, etc.
The degradation state of facilities like floor covering, sanitary facilities, internal doors etc. informs you about the status quo of a building`s apartments.
The costs are automatically transferred to the building level in the epiqr® main system and are easily integrated into the overall planning. Photos of the degradation state, floor plans and rental contracts can be attached.

epiqr® Portfolio Manager

epiqr® Portfolio Manager module is a tool for strategic planning and decision-making. The module has a number of useful features: numerous filters allow for different graphical representations, neat building profile and substantial evaluation possibilities, proven representation in epiqr® diagram, compact functionality for lean and holistic solution of portfolio management, etc.

epiqr® Budget Planer

The epiqr® Budget Planner offers a complementary tool for the epiqr® building analysis. Planning scenarios can be bundled and allocated to previously defined budget periods. The result is a reasonable and meaningful planning of measures and finances. The module has a number of useful features: qualified planning and budgeting tool, detailed cost allocation of different planning variants to periods of time, ideal complement for more investment security within your planning, adjustable annual rate of price increase.

epiqr® Features

Meaningful presentation of essential information about the assessed buildings.

Assessment of the degradation states and planing of the refurbishment process.

Powerful evaluation possibilities and use of online maps for geographical presentation.

Rich reporting functions on multiple levels and in different formats: building element, building, portfolio, etc. MSWord, MSExcel and PDF formats are available.

We turn your data into a corporate resource

Out most recent development, AiBATROS® is taking flexibility and efficiency to the next level. It is a cross-platform web application, that processes a large volume of data in different dimensions and with a variable level of detail, to achieve an optimal balance between speed and precision. The system guides the entire process from data input to results analysis, reporting and exports.

A smart simulation tool that uses statistical information is integrated in the application and supports the decision-making process. Advanced evaluation and charting functionality help in making sense of the large set of data the application handles. A complex dependency management system takes care of keeping this data up to date, so that the results are always accurate.

Due to the use of advanced software technologies, the platform is scalable and can be interfaced with a wide range of other existing systems. The core provides can also provide access to other clients through a service layer, making AiBATROS® a highly flexible system with multiple deployment scenarios.

AiBatros® Features

Applied research –
novel data acquisition techniques

CalCrom has recently become active in applied research fields like remote sensing, specifically in photogrammetry. This technology has wide applications in building data acquisition providing fast and precise measurements of relevant geometrical parameters.

Instead of providing on-site experts who spend a considerable amount of time to gather all the necessary geometrical data, drones can be equipped to carry out this type of task. Using specialized software, the data delivered by aerial imagery can be used to determine the necessary information.

Photogrammetry is an area that focuses on making measurements from images taken from different positions. In stereophotogrammetry these are fed into computational models to produce 3D coordinates of object points. Photogrammetry is more accurate in the x and y direction while range data are generally more accurate in the z direction.

This range data can be supplied by techniques like LiDAR, laser scanners, etc. Stereophotogrammetry is emerging as a robust non-contacting measurement technique to determine dynamic characteristics and mode shapes of non-rotating and rotating structures.

Career Opportunities at CalCrom

Develop your career with us!

We are looking for passionate students or graduates from the Computer Science Faculty or the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering or other faculties with equivalent studies, with the following abilities:

  • good knowledge of Object Oriented Programming (OOP);
  • good skills in C#, MS-SQL and optionally in ASP.NET or JavaScript;
  • good knowledge of English language (German is a plus but not a must);
  • capable of teamwork;
  • great attention to details;
  • excellent interpersonal skills;
  • problem solving and issue resolution abilities.

Available position

We are hiring for our office in Iași, Romania,

.NET Automation Tester

Your profile

  • completed degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Automatic Control or in another engineering field
  • strong knowledge in C#/Java, databases and SQL
  • strong knowledge of NUnit test framework and Selenium WebDriver (Selenium Grid is a plus)
  • very good knowledge of automated testing methodology and performance testing
  • good knowledge of the English language, German is a plus
  • very good team player
  • structured and logical way of thinking
  • responsible and independent working style

Your main tasks

  • analyze the requirements and devise a test plan
  • create test cases
  • implement and execute automated unit and API level tests in C#, NUnit
  • implement and execute UI level tests using Selenium WebDriver
  • develop test strategies

Our offer

  • safe job in a future-oriented IT-Business (we are not an outsourcing company)
  • efficient mentoring and guidance by experienced colleagues
  • motivating salary
  • working in a young and dynamic team
  • 24 paid vacation days standard
  • private medical insurance with Allianz
  • subscription to sport facility
  • snacks, fruits and coffee offered in the office
  • currently work remotely and in general flexible working hours and home office days



Back-End .NET Senior Software Developer

Your profile

  • completed degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Automatic Control or similar
  • very strong knowledge in C#, algorithms, data structures, databases and SQL
  • experienced in web technologies, in particular with ASP.NET WebAPI
  • strong knowledge of enterprise application architectural solutions
  • strong knowledge of clean coding and best practices for writing professional applications
  • good knowledge of the English language, German is a plus
  • very good team player
  • structured and logical way of thinking
  • responsible and independent working style

Your main tasks

  • analysis of the requirements
  • participate in the architecture development phase
  • implement new functionality into code according to strict standards
  • maintain existing software modules

Our offer

  • safe job in a future-oriented IT-Business (we are not an outsourcing company)
  • efficient onboarding and guidance by experienced colleagues
  • motivating salary
  • working in a young and dynamic team
  • 24 paid vacation days standard
  • private medical insurance with Allianz
  • subscription to sport facility
  • snacks, fruits and coffee offered in the office
  • currently work from home and in general flexible working hours and home office days

Is this your profile or is your profile matching most of our requirements? Then don’t waste any time, send us your application and become a part of our Aareon-CalCon-CalCrom family.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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